Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Bull lake Fire District is to provide for a volunteer emergency response organization, Bull Lake Volunteer Fire Department (BLVFD), for the mutual benefit of people living within the district. The BLVFD shall be dedicated to the protection and safety of people, volunteers and property of the district.

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Clyde Miller, Fire Chief

Jim Ward, Battalion Chief         

Michael Tucker, Liaison Officer



Jeff Drake, Engineer


Carl Weiss, Engineer




Russ Bache - FF/ENGB 

Corwin Harris - FF

Jesse Behmerwohld - FF


Nate Miller-FF/ENGB


Abbie Miller - FF


Janet Miller - FF/EMR

 Michael Reese - FF/ENGB

Alex Miller - FF

Billy Pillans - FF 

 Jordan Dlask -FF

  Luke Miller  - FF

Jessica Ward - FF  

 Sherlee Wallace - FF

 Tyler Ekstedt - FF/Cadet 

Rick Jandron - FF/Cadet 
















Last Updated
Jun 20, 2018
Bull Lake Rural Fire District
PO Box 1032  - Troy , MT 59935
Phone:(406) 295-9711